Zero set up fee. No minimum budget.

Geobid’s self-serve dashboard allows you to set up your own ad campaigns with budgets as large or small as youchoose. All campaigns are set up based on Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and are pre-paid at the time you set up your campaigns. Every Monday Geobid bills your client account for the amount you spent during the prior 7 days—only up to the amount you pre-paid. Your client account is then automatically replenished for the upcoming week.  See Monday Billing for more details.

The vast majority of your ad spend is paid to the Ad Exchange providers and Ad Exchange/websites your ads are shown on (ie. USA Today, CNN, Forbes, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Geobid’s fee is always only 15% of your ad spend. Almost all other retargeting companies are not transparent regarding their true cost and routinely charge a fee of 30%-40% of ad spend. With Geobid your ad dollar goes much further!

Your retargeting audience will consist of all unique visitors who visited your website after you installed Geobid’s invisible tracking pixel. Geobid’s pixel will then place an invisible, unique and anonymous “cookie” on each visitor’s web browser. This now makes up your key audience who you will gently remind (by way of ads) to come back to your site and re-engage. Your audience can also be broken into specific segments, such as those who visited specific pages, or those who filled shopping carts without completing a purchase. This allows you to create multiple ad campaigns in which your key audience members could overlap. This gives you the most effective ad campaigns when measuring re-engagement and conversion rates.