Why Aren’t My Retargeting Ads Showing?

There are a few common reasons why you wouldn’t see your retargeting ads.  Please check the following steps and if you’re still having trouble seeing your ads, contact help@geobid.com.

1. Your Budget is Too Small

This is the most common reason why you wouldn’t be seeing your ads.  Either your budget is being fulfilled in the morning or your budget is too small that it’s barely spreading properly.

Check your dashboard and see if your campaign is serving impressions throughout the entire day or if they stop early in the day.

2. Your Browser Does Not Allow Cookies

Retargeting runs off of browser cookies so if your browser does not allow cookies then it won’t work.

3. You’re Currently Being Retargeted by an Aggressive Company (like Amazon).

Since retargeting works by buying inventory in a real-time auction, some companies may bid very aggressively and win most of the inventory (ad space) on your device.  This is very common with major companies like Amazon or Target.

If you have an accurate budget and your browser allows cookies then the following will help you see your ads in action.

  • Clear yourbrowser history and clear your cookies.  Go to the website you’re retargeting and then go to one of our publishers like msn.com or yahoo.com.  Look for your ad to show in one or more ad spaces on the publisher’s website.

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