Installing the Geobid Pixel

Geobid’s pixel is a small piece of Javascript code which is placed in the front of your website. It is unique, invisible and will not slow the load time of your web pages. Click Geobid Pixel to learn more.


  1. Go to the right side of your dashboard and click Geobid Pixel Inactive. This will copy your unique pixel.
  2. Go to the HTML of your website and paste the Geobid Pixel in the global footer or above the end </body> tag.

Once you have installed the Geobid pixel, it will automatically activate and begin “cookieing” visitors to your site. Check by going to Audiences and confirm that All Visitors has begun to populate.

Geobid Pixel Installation Instructions by Platform

Click Platform Integration for installation instructions on all major platforms. If your platform is not listed on this page, simply call Geobid at (888) 340-9336 to speak with an Account Manager who will assist you immediately, or email Geobid at with your platform information and an Account Manager will get you the instructions as soon as possible.

The Best Practice is to have the Geobid pixel active on all your website pages.

The Geobid pixel is not required to activate on all your pages, but if it is inactive, then those visitors may not be cookied, or critical activity on that page may be missed. If you installed the Geobid pixel correctly and you did not purposely exclude certain pages, then a single universal pixel will activate across all of your website’s pages.

Online Shops and the Geobid Pixel

If your site includes an online shop, then your Geobid pixel must also be activated on your cart page and/or your checkout page. If your site uses a different web domain for checkout, then add the Geobid pixel to each of those pages individually. This is critical in tracking conversions on your reports and in order to retarget your most high value visitors — those who get distracted, abandon their carts and leave your site. Once retargeted, these former visitors are then most likely to return and complete a purchase!


If you have any problem with your Geobid pixel you can call a Geobid Account Manager at (888) 340-9336 or email Geobid at You can also click Geobid Pixel Troubleshooting if you want to try and solve the problem yourself.