How to Install the Geobid Tracking Pixel (Shopify)

1. Log in to your Shopify account.

2. In the left sidebar, click Online Store and then select Themes.

3. In the Current Theme section, click the Actions drop-down, then click Edit Code.










4. Under Layouts, select theme.liquid.


5. Scroll to the bottom of the code.  Paste the Geobid tracking pixel right above the </body> tag.

6. Click Save.

Setup Your Conversion Pixel

You need to set up a custom conversion pixel to track conversions in Shopify.  Click here to see how to create a custom conversion pixel.

1. In the left sidebar (at the bottom), click Settings and then select Checkout.

*Important Note – Customers might return to the order status page multiple times which will skew your conversion analytics. You might want to run scripts on the first visit only.

2. Scroll down to Order Processing and in the Additional scripts box, paste your custom conversion pixel.

3. Click Save.