Geobids Visitor Reporting will always differ from Google Analytics unique visitor report

Geobid’s visitor reporting will always be lower than Google Analytics reported unique visitors because Google reports every unique visitor to your site, while Geobid only reports unique cookied visitors. The main reason for this is that Apple’s i-phone Safari blocks third party cookies. However, Samsung Android phones do not. Also some devices only allows third party cookies if the user opts-in. Other reasons include visitor using Adblock (or “cookie blockers”), and users who have disabled their JavaScript. This being said, the vast majority of the internet desk-tops are cookied with Geobid.

View Through Conversions and Click Through Conversions

With Geobid, it is possible to receive conversion notices even when your campaign is paused. This usually occurs because of 2 reasons: conversions which start as a visitor viewing your ad at one point, but leaving and then converting at a later point in time. A View Through Conversion (VTC) occurs when (A) a person sees your ad, but (B) later comes back to your site of their own accord. If you paused your campaign between point A and B, this will result in a conversion being reported to you. Secondly, a Click Through Conversion (CTC) happen when a person (A) clicks your ad, goes to your site and leaves without converting, and then (B) returns later on their own and converts. If you paused your campaign between point A and point B, this also will result in you receiving a conversion notification.

Geobid tracks conversions by going back 30 days to see if a visitors returned and converted. By going to Manage Conversions, you can see exactly what type, and when, you received a conversion.