Ad Creation by the Geobid Design Team

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  1. We create your Ads
  2. Requesting Ads
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  4. Ad Sizes
  5. Ad Arrival time
  6. Ads in other languages
  7. Animated Ads

We create your Ads

(6 Web, 1 Facebook, and 1 Instagram)

Your first 8 ads are created for free by our Design Team. We can also create more ads (now or in the future) for a small fee. These will be completed within 24 hours if submitted online and can be viewed in your dashboard by clicking Ads.

Requesting Ads

You can request ads even before you have created a campaign. A dedicated Account Manager/Ad Designer will call you in order to assist the design process. After a simple 15 minute call, Ads will be done within 1 hour (24 hours if you submit online)!

You can also go to the Geobid dashboard and fill out the Ad Request form (coming soon). You can also request ads for an existing campaign by clicking the Additional Ad Request form (coming soon).

Required Information

Geobid’s design team will need the following information in order to best design your ads.

Destination URL: Which page your visitors will land on once they click your ad.

Website URL: This usually matches your Destination URL, but we want to make sure it is correct.

Logo: Your logo or any other images you wish to incorporate on your ad. The easiest way is to .zip your file to us. Max zipped file size is 2MB.

.PNG or layered .PSD files are preferable.

Notes: These include specific directions such as products/services you are featuring; promotions; your value proposition or any other suggestions you have for our Design Team.

Call to Action: This is your ultimate goal of what you wish the visitor to do. We have suggestions (such as a “contact us form” or “call now”), or you can choose a specific call to action. Just let us know, and it will be incorporated into your ad!

Ad Sizes

The following 6 web ad sizes will automatically be uploaded to your campaign when they are completed.

  • Mobile- 320 x 50
  • Desktop
  • 160 x 600
  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 600
  • 728 x 90
  • 970 x 250

For Facebook and Instagram, the 2 ad sizes are as follows:

Facebook- 600 x 315

Instagram- 640 x 640

Click here to see the most effective ad sizes

These ads will contain text, title and a link description. You can modify the ad language (ie. Such as adding a specific call to action) by clicking edit ad.

Any ads which you do not immediately implement into a campaign will be waiting in your Ad Library. When you are ready to use them, simply go to the Ad Library and click Additional Ads, then Choose Existing, then select the new ads you wish to incorporate into a new or existing campaign.

Ad Arrival Time

If you have designed your ad with the assistance of a member of our Design Team, then they will be done within the hour. If you requested ads completely online, then they will be ready in 24 hours. They will be automatically uploaded to your campaign and you will be notified via email. You can review them by clicking Ads and you can modify them by clicking edit ad.

Ads in other languages

If you desire that your ads be in a language other than English, simply contact your Geobid Account Manager and it can be arranged for a small fee.

Animated Ads

If you wish Geobid to create Animated Ads, a fee will be involved. Simply call your Account Manager at (888) 340-9336 or email Geobid at